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New employee training

We bring up new employees to create the future of company.
Change to a business person who acts by oneself, and achieves results

Mr. Arimoto, who is a current president of "GROWING ACADEMY" and used to be president of McDonald's Hamburger university in Japan and director of UNIQLO University, supervised.

Think and act by oneself
Think the purpose of work by oneself
Think about partner by oneself

We bring up new employees with their hospitality in "GROWING ACADEMY".

Curriculum of new employee training

Day 1
New employees acquire "Attitude" and "Basic customer service" to become a person chosen by customers.

1. Reform of the consciousness from a student to a member of society

  • Difference of students and business people.
  • To become a person needed from society.
  • To change your mind as a business person.

2. Required mind in service industry

  • To understand hospitality

3. Business manner

  • First impression / Facial expression / Greetings / Bowing / Living quiet / Languages / Grooming / Business card exchange / Telephone response / Seat next

4. Required thinking method in service industry

  • With customer point of view
  • Q ― Quality ―
  • S ― Service ―
  • C ― Cleanliness ―

Day 2
Acquire "basic necessary skills in service industry" to become a person chosen by customers.

1. Required person in society

  • Basic skills for a business person

2. Basic skills for job

  • Teamwork
  • Reporting, contacting, and consultation
  • PDCA cycle

3. Declaration of determination

  • Expressed determination to become a person chosen.

Day 3
New employee training

We confirm new employee experience on the job training on-site and whether they use their understanding there or not. In addition, we will let them level up that they learned in training do motivation up.

Looking back from joining the company to today

After training for new employees, they present their achievement for one month, and listen to their coworker's hard work, we will make an opportunity to motivate them for their future work.

Reconfirmation of the detail in new employees training.

We confirm new employee acquire to learn in training or not, and they will learn them again until they can do if they can't do something.

New employees acquire thinking method and power for progressing.

New employees set their vision and make concrete action planning They will declare their future to their coworker.

Curriculum of follow up training

Necessary things to become a person to overcome the wall for 6 months from joining the company.

1. Review of 6 months from joining the company.

  • Create a lifeline chart
    We know the characters of motivation up or down from one year ago and strengthen more ahead power of new employees.
  • Coworker interview
    New employees have the stimulus to progress more together by that they interview the coworker who spent the same time.

2. Control the stress

  • Stress check
    We support you to face that issue not to turn your eyes away from stress.
  • Think positively/Successful meditation training
    We give the stimulus to your brain and mind by practicing to positive thinking training.
    Also, we will lead to a step from tomorrow by successful meditation training.

3. New employees become high performers in your company

  • The reason why I work
    Even if I am pressed with business to be busy daily, I reconfirm the reason why I work and drop anchor not to lose the purpose of work.
  • Management Philosophy/ Cooperate Philosophy and my job
    In order to become a real high performer in your company, I understand my own work and its contribution in association with management philosophy/ cooperate philosophy.

4. Goal setting by next Spring

  • To become a senior employee
  • Action planning from tomorrow
    Your subordinates and/or junior employees will join in this Spring. I will plan the goal and action planning to become an ideal senior employee.

Necessary thing to become reliable senior employees because I work for almost 2 years.

1. Review of 1 year from joining the company.

  • Target conformance report meeting of the goal.
    Review the growth as ever.

2. Become a model for junior employees
- reliable OJT trainer -

  • Work to identify guidance items
  • Learn the basic of teaching method to junior employees.
  • Roll-playing to practice the guidance.
  • Create the mind to teach.
  • Understand the feeling of people to be taught.
  • Both junior and senior employees grow together.

3. Think about the image of business person who wants to be in the future

  • Create my career plan.
  • Action declaration to realize.

Instructor introduction

Experienced on-site powerful teachers gather. About on-site, only on-site experienced knows.
The teachers who experienced hard on-site of the service industry and overcame will teach about "how to become a high performer".
Our teachers view as importance about two things in particular. One is the experience of staff on-site for a long time. Another thing is enough experience as a trainer for the staff on-site. We can provide impression training because of those experiences. The President who is Mr. Arimoto checks all the quality of the teachers very strictly.

If it is about new employee training and follow-up training

  • Shinjyuku school0120-948-078

Monday-Saturday 9:00-18:00 (※ Except for First and fourth Saturdays)


The fixed charge training system of employees or part-time workers that specializes in service industry

Hospitality & Growing Japan Co., Ltd.

Hospitality & Growing Japan Co., Ltd. is training company which professionals with experienced HR development teach towards service industry in general. Now we develop 6 domestic sites and 1 overseas site. We introduce more than 2,800 companies and more than 300,000 people per month in just 7 years since we established. Especially, education for retention rate is up has reputation and we are covered by the media such as World Business Satellite. Now it is one of the most attractive teaching companies now.