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BC-Holdings group aimed to support Customer's store business in every situation as total consulting group for store operations since the day of company establishment. As one of the effort, in the last year, we introduced new services, multi-language menu development and real time interpretation to increase the inbound tourists and reduce the burden of communication with tourists to Japan in store, for Japan aims to become a "Tourism-Oriented Country.

In November 1th 2016, we set up a new company called Store development Japan Co., Ltd. and started outsourcing contract service of customer's store development department support and store development itself.

As a result, we are ready to support 1) hardware matters such as store development, intermediation and interior construction, 2) HR matters such as staff agency, temporary agency, and education, and 3) management matters such as cost reduction, attracting customers. But we are venture company. We will continue not only to set up this store development but also to expand the range of services we offer, with our strong aim to always have the services that our customers need.

Biz-Cube Consulting that is an inauguration company has contributed to society as a pioneer of rent adjustment and has caused a revolution.
At the time when the company was established, However, anyone had never thought about rent adjustment, we are able to greet the 16th year thanks to customers who have believed our possibility and contracted us.

"All are possibility" that is also our management philosophy, if there is no possibility, we will not have the opportunity to challenge new things, also we are not able to grow. As a result of believing our possibility and working with full power for "what anyone can do" continuously and sincerely as well as our business, we have increased the number of companies that trust us and give us the chance. We will challenge next stage with have passion, enthusiasm, and eagerness.

In order to sustain total consulting group required by society, we think we must be a strong organization, seek, and evolve each employee who is a strong individual. I hope to contribute to the realization of customers' dreams by new ideas which we don't hesitate to struggle to think deeply, and then find.

BC Holdings Co., Ltd.
President Daisuke Kasai

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