Total solution Company of store operations BC Holdings Co., Ltd.


From the opening to withdrawal.
Provide one-stop about business regarding Store Management from opening a store to withdrawal.

Consulting company specializing in store management

BC holdings is corporate group that is able to provide business regarding Store Management from opening a store to withdrawal through one-stop.
We have contributed to more than 100,000 client stores number which mainly belong to service industry, also, accumulated know-how and achievements essential for managing stores.

  • Store

  • Property

  • Recruit

  • Education

  • Consulting

  • Withdraw

We support not only expanding business in Japan opening business in a store for Japanese companies in Asia actively.
Also, we realize expansion of sales and profits of customers and contribute in the development of the whole service industry as a total solution company in service industry in the world.


Acari PlaceJapan

Outsourcing for store development

We support various business of store development.

Acari PlaceJapan

Property produce

We provide one-stop service from design of store to communication equipment.

Acari PlaceJapan

Real estate agency / Sublease

We contribute to cost reduction by introduction of goods and furniture related properties which match your needs.

Hospitality & Growing JapanJapanThailand

Flat-rate training

Grow up the talented persons who bring great benefits through staff education and trainings.

Hospitality & Growing JapanJapan

Company specific training

Creating the training united with your company, we support personnel training.

Hospitality & Growing JapanJapan

New employee training

We train new recruits to the autonomous independent talented people.

Hospitality & Growing JapanJapan

Staff Agency

We contribute in the employment of high quality staff by recruiting consultation specialized in store staff and service industry.

Hospitality & Growing JapanJapan

Temporary staff agency

We provide temporary staff for long-term, short-term, and spot, also support general worker dispatching, and employment placement dispatching.

Biz-Cube ConsultingJapan

Rent adjustment

We adjust the rental rate of stores and create the investment financial funds.

Biz-Cube ConsultingJapan

Cloud contract management

Respond to your needs to reduce the cost and minimize the risk at the time of opening / closing stores, with the strategic contract management.

Biz-Cube ConsultingJapan

Purchase cost adjustment

By a continuous cost cut, We reduce purchasing costs and make it adequate.

Biz-Cube ConsultingJapan

Real-time interpretation

Realize 5 languages available 24×7 by smart phone and tablet PC for inbound tourists.

Biz-Cube ConsultingJapan

Smart phone payment service

We can increase Chinese tourists by the introduction of online payment with application famous in China.

Biz Cube Holdings PHPhilippines

Total advancement support in Philippines

We support the advancement of companies to the Philippines.

Biz Cube Holdings PHThailand / Philippines / Japan

Overseas/Japan advancement support

We support the advancement of companies to the Asia and of foreign company to the Japan.


IT Marketing

We support the advancement of companies to the foreign country through marketing research and marketing.

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Hospitality & Growing Japan

An Article about H&G Club was posted on the September issue "Feature: Good on this month" in Monthly General Affairs which is Specialist magazine of management division issued on August 7, 2018(Tue).


Hospitality & Growing Japan

An interview of Arimoto who is president of Hospitality & Growing Japan Co., Ltd was posted on 【Column】of Thuna-Ken.


BC HoldingsBiz-Cube ConsultingAcari Place

■ Notice of Summer vacation ■
For the following period, we will have it as summer vacation.
We will open normally from August 20 (Monday).
We apologize for any inconvenience, but thank you very much for your understanding.


Hospitality & Growing Japan

We will hold an interview strategy seminar to learn from human resource of SUSHIRO.
【Osaka】September 6(Thu) ・ October 22(Mon)【Shinjyuku】September 20(Thu) ・October 19(Fri)


Biz-Cube ConsultingAcari Place

Co-host for Biz-Cube Consulting Co., Ltd. × Acari Place Co., Ltd. We will hold a seminar about “Contract management risk reduction” Strategic store development”.
Fee: Free/ Capacity: 30 people / Place: Shinjuku



Notice: Moving Head Office IMK Co., ltd.
We will start business at the new office from July 30(Mon).
Level 19(Reception), Level 18 S-tec Information Building 1-24-1 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160 - 0023
TEL. 03-5989-0251 / FAX. 03-5989-0252


Hospitality & Growing Japan

Article about H&G TH was posted in NNA ASIA as training project specialized in retailing and food & beverage business in Thailand.


Hospitality & Growing Japan

We will hold a seminar to recruit vocational school students.
【Shinjyuku】July 26(Thu)【Osaka】August 1(Wed)


Hospitality & Growing Japan

Former McDonald's and UNIQLO's education tops will teach! We will hold seminar on review system of evaluation.
【Shinjyuku】November 2(Fri)【Osaka】November 6(Tue)【Hiroshima】November 7(Wed)【Nagoya】November 9(Fri)
【Sapporo】November 12(Mon)【Yokohama】November 14(Wed)【Sendai】November 16(Fri)【Fukuoka】November 21(Wed)
【Okinawa】November 26(Mon)【Kyoto】November 29(Thu)


Hospitality & Growing Japan

We will hold Thailand advance seminar & tour of inspection.
【Shinjyuku】August 2(Thu)/ September 6(Thu)


Biz-Cube ConsultingAcari Place

Co-host for Biz-Cube Consulting Co., Ltd. × Acari Place Co., Ltd. We will hold a seminar about “Contract management risk reduction” Strategic store development”.
Fee: Free/ Capacity: 30 people / Place: Shinjuku


Smile Cube

We opened Mendokoro Naokyu Olinas Kinshi-cho in Taihei (Kinshi-cho) Sumida-ku Tokyo.
「Mendokoro Naokyu Olinas Kinshi-cho Store」
Level 3 Olinas Mall 4-1-2 Taihei Sumida-ku Tokyo, 130-0012


Smile Cube

SmileCube Co.,Ltd. acquired 100% of the stocks and implemented a subsidiary of IMK Co., ltd. on June 14, 2018.
IMK Co., ltd. is developing food & beverage business of 4 brands, 7 stores mainly Tokyo metropolitan area.
Both SmileCube Co.,Ltd. and IMK Co., ltd. cause to grow together the experiences and know- how, also, duty the support of the services construction for aiming further growth expand as BC Holdings group.
In addition to subsidiary acquisition, a new management structure was decided as below.
【IMK Co., ltd.】
Chairman Tomoaki Nonaka
President Masaya Sato
Director Satoshi Hayashi
Auditor Kaichi Saito
Company overview is here
Store information here


Hospitality & Growing Japan

We will hold a recruitment strategy seminar which supported growth of “AKINDO SUSHIRO CO., LTD.”
【Shinjuku】July 20(Fri),【Osaka】July 23(Mon)

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