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Overseas/Japan advancement support

BC Holdings group works on advancement support and、Local support service
We contribute your business by advancement support of overseas / Japan.

BC holdings group advances to the Asia and support the advancement to companies to the Asia, also, of foreign company to the Japan positively.

Overseas advancement support

Advance into overseas of Japanese company
We support advance and opening a store of the company who advances to Asia!

Support the Japanese company's Asia advance with registration procedure support, capital support, accountant introduction, talented people's arrangements, introduction of a store property, etc.

Although Thailand is equipped with national traits and the market where Japanese people tend to undertake an enterprise, the restrictions on foreign capital (the regulation and customs duty to incorporation of a foreign company) to a service industry are severe countries.

Use advance support consulting service of our company which has a network with a partner company there, and we can reduce the uneasiness in the overseas advance and an annoyance.

We support your business with our Alliance partners

I support registration formalities, talented-people arrangements, introduction of a store property, etc., and support the Asia advance and opening a store of the Japanese company.

Marketing survey

  • Market survey
  • Competitors survey
  • Market price survey
  • Market share survey (competitors)

Incorporation support

  • Proposal of composition of stockholders
  • Investigation of the establishment approval conditions by relevant authorities etc. (license etc.)
  • BOI (Thailand investment committee) application
  • The minimum capital investigation
  • Articles-of-association preparation
  • Company law investigation
  • Commercial law investigation
  • Labor law investigation
  • Law of the associated business condition (food Sanitation Law, retail method, money lender method, etc.)

Advice about business partner

  • Customer investigation and introduction
  • Supplier investigation and introduction
  • Purchase place investigation and introduction

Advice about accounts

  • Accounting-standards investigation
  • Loss-of-money entry standard investigation
  • Transfer period investigation of an amount of loss carried forward
  • Loans from banks
  • Proposal of lease practical use

Advice about tax practice

  • Taxation business standard investigation
  • Investigation of the individual income tax concerning a salary
  • Investigation of tax break application of a corporation tax


  • Investigation of a minimum wage
  • Case research of a labor trouble
  • Advice and support of staff employment

Talented person introduction

  • Introduction of the store staff
  • Introduction of various talented people

Introduction of the article

  • Introduction of the office article

Japan advancement support

Advance into Japan of a foreign-affiliated firm
We support advancement and opening a store of the company who advances to Japan.

Support the advance/opening a store to Japan of a/the foreign-affiliated firm.
We support the advance/branch to Japan comprehensively.

Japan advance support service that store synthesis consulting group provides

If you have a group company that specializes in store management supporting, you can make the various registration procedures, such as introduction of talent and education, can attract customers by the introduction of the storefronts, IT marketing, cost adjustment of services into one-stop.
Japan advancement support service that only BCHD the store synthesis consulting group can offer.

Various registration procedures

  • Representation of various procedures such as the company establishment / the office establishment

Introduction / education of Human resources

  • Human resources introduction
  • Human resources education / training

Introduction of store article

  • Introduction of a store property
  • Offer of withdrawal / opening-a-shop information

IT marketing

  • Pulling in customers to the store with IT marketing

Cost adequacy

  • Rental rate rationalization of a store
  • Purchase cost adjustment
  • Cloud contract management

We support the advancement of companies to the Asia and of foreign company to the Japan

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Biz Cube Holdings PH,Inc.

In the serviced office of Biz Cube Holdings PH, we support the advancement of companies to the Philippines from consultations on investigation, etc. before launching, and arrangement on-site for rental office or virtual office. Moreover, total support after advancement on-site including registration and various kinds of requirements.