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Real-time interpretation "Rakucom"
Interpretation service by smart phone and tablet PC

"Rakucom" is real time interpretation service which is that call operator listens to conversation with customers by video and interpret on real time by smart phone and tablet PC

About "Rakucom"

"Rakucom" is service that tourists can look at the face by calling an interpreter easily when tourists visit the store and have to communicate somebody.

We can talk correctly as looking at face with detailed nuances as well as in body gestures and hand gestures so that "Rakucom" makes us have comfortable and easy communication.

The feature of the "Rakucom"

Available 24 x 7

You can use this service at the front desk of hotel and restaurant which is opened by early morning because it is possible to interpret midnight and early hours.
Also, it is possible to use in overseas so that you can do it everywhere.

We can handle 5 languages which are accounted for a percentage of 80 about tourists.

Language we can interpret

We can handle 5 languages, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese which are accounted for a percentage of 80 about tourists. It also leads to not only visiting tourists but also promoting visits to residents of foreign residents.

From 1,250yen that is the price of trial plan.

the price of trial planThe monthly amount1250yen-(Excluding tax)

 We provide the trial plan that is from 1250yen and easy to introduce.
Three types of fee are available depending on usage frequency.

Rakucom Service Site

Lead to reduction of labor costs

In Rakucom, one contract can be possible to use all language which means 5 languages so that it leads to reduction of labor costs.

You can learn "Rakucom" method with a video.

We introduce the detail of "Rakucom" method with a video

Real-time interpretation

  • Free dial0120-097-470

Reception Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00


Service site on which detailed information such as service usage method and plan details are posted.

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