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Rent adjustment

Rent adjustment consulting
We create investment financial funds by Rent adjustment.

Rent is the 2nd largest fixed costs next to labor costs. By adjusting rent which is fixed costs, we can create investment resources and carry out "strategic management".

Don't miss it if you expand the number of stores
Change the management by cost adequacy

"YACHIN110BAN®" is the service which rationalizes the rental rate which the company and the store are paying. When the specialist in real estate is allowed to diagnose property for free and is judged to be higher than a reasonable price, according to demand, we support even cut formation thoroughly.

Support for external, do you really do not need?

  • cope in-house
  • make much of relations with landlord and do not negotiate
  • Depended on the other companies, but a trouble occurred later
  • In the first place the reliability of the free medical certificate was low

"YACHIN110BAN®" service has a real estate judgment company in the group companies, and the above customers also use it, and it has obtained the voice of much delights.

Introduction example


50 stores When you reduce 20% with the case with
one million yen of monthly average rent

Why is "YACHIN110BAN®" supported by large number of companies?

Pioneer of Rent adjustment that can support an invisible risk

Biz-Cube has Consulting engaged in duties as a pioneer of rent adjustment for 12 years and is a perfect support system by more than 100 exclusive duty staff. We offer the service that grasped the area characteristic to the issue of the whole country corresponding to speediness, with 5 position organizations.

Valuable diagnosis investigation ability

Is the free medical certificate reliable?
Do you know that there is a company that is offering the valueless one with a not well-grounded inside either free of charge like valuable information, but on the other hand, there is also a company which offers the useful information based on sufficient knowledge and experience for free?

Since "YACHIN110BAN®" register in the appraisal of real estate industry, and acquires real-estate-and-building license, a special judgment and the investigation based on grounds can be done.

Ensure compliance with comprehensive information management system

Confidential information disclosure is indispensable for rent adjustment.
Do you know how the lease contract is dealt with? Do you think that it is safe only by concluding a confidentiality agreement?
When information leaks by any chance, the responsibility of your company that chose the trader might be asked. It is necessary to choose the enterprise of which making of the mechanism of information management consists.

"YACHIN110BAN®" builds a perfect administrative organization, carries out employee education thoroughly, and makes structure of the accident prevention.

Strength of "YACHIN110BAN®"

We create financial funds by our original rent revision consulting and support strategic management!

Registered real estate appraising industry

It is the only company owning Real estate appraisal license throughout the trade. We ascertain the fair price of property in the viewpoint only by the value.

Housing license approved by the Minister of land, infrastructure and transport

We acquire housing license approved by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Qualification maintainers deal with article investigation or consulting.

The original technique of our company "MSBL method"

Rental rate rationalization without a trouble is realized by our original method "MSBL method "which considered relation nature with the landlord in the first place.

100 Professional staffs

The professional group of each industry realizes the system which can provide service with the security.

The largest support in the industry

In support of industry's largest, we provide the service stabilized to the national matter from five bases in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Sapporo.

The history of 17 years since the establishment

Since we have tackled rental rate rationalization for 17 years since foundation, there are overwhelming know-how and a clear track record.

Actual total customer number : 114,459

Practical use of the customer database of all the type of industry and business condition of 114,459 affairs has led to the high track record.


Create investment funds with rental rate adjustment of stores

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