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Outsourcing for store development

From store opening, contract renewal to withdrawal
We realize your store opening strategy as planned.

Professional of practical experience in Store Development Japan Division supports store opening as store development operations.

About Akari Place Store Development Japan Division

Store Development Japan Division supports total store development business not only properties development also planning of store opening strategy and from properties development to development & training of store developer.

  • Store opening,
    strategic planning
  • Store properties,
    information collection
  • Property selection
  • Market investigation
  • Development & training of store developer

Strength of Store Development Japan Division

Professional group of store development

Staff of practical experience in Store development including to our company president engaged in store development for a long time and became from filed person to area manager in a large company plan support your store development with their experience, skill, and personal connection.

We support total about store business

In store development, opening store is not a goal, just a start of your dream.
It is too difficult to do everything which includes contract renewal, store management and withdrawal in-house.
In Store Development Japan we support not only business about store opening but also various business of store development from contract renewal to withdrawal.

The actual results show our store development ability.

In Store Development we have a lot of actual results such as realizing opening of 17 stores in just 8 months.
The reason why is because we are company which has developer with 3 abilities such as collect properties, investment, negotiation.
It is difficult to recruit and train the developer with their abilities. We will realize opening store as planned if you leave it to us with store development capabilities.


We realized opening of 17 stores in just 8 month

We supported about store business in food venture company of rapid growth for 8 month from Jan to Sep in 2016 and realized opening of 17 stores.

16 stores out of 17 stores located around the Tokyo metropolitan stations.
Shinjuku, Kagurazaka, Machida, Yoyogi, Tachikawa, Yutenji etc…

The actual results as store development manager in a large chain store.

Mr.Yamazoe who is president engaged in a large chain store development by the experience and achievements for a long time.
He has the experience, skill, and personal connection he engaged in store development filed, therefore, he supports not only introduce properties but also various business of store development from planning of opening strategy and development properties.

BC holdings group specialized in store development business

As the consulting company specialized in store business management support, the number of total customers' store is beyond 100,000 cases. Therefore, we support your store development in total.

Please do not hesitate to consult us about store development.

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Acari Place Co., Ltd.

Acari Place Co., Ltd expands to interior, design, communication style, infrastructure design, construction, and supervision around store, office, and commercial facilities. Also, we focus on development and intermediation as support of opening and closing stores and we offer various services regarding properties through one-stop.