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IT Marketing

Market survey・Marketing
Support the advancement to Thailand and increase sales through IT Marketing

Monoqlo supports the advancement of Thailand for Japanese affiliates and increase sales such as market research, web marketing, and run the largest page that is Facebook in Thailand.


Recognition survey

Recognition surveys are surveys which are used to objectively measure the degree of recognition held consisting of the degree of knowledge and impression which general consumers and designated targets have regarding a business or product.

Mystery shopper

Mystery shoppers are surveys where the surveyors mix in with customers and visit stores to experience actual service, and then objectively assess the customer service level of employees and product level in order to clarify trends and problem points for an entire chain.

Consumer needs survey

When considering providing products aimed at local Thailand consumers, the preferences and buying behaviors of Thai consumers differ from those of Japanese consumers. In addition, even within Thailand itself, lifestyles in the capital of Bangkok and out in the country, differ drastically. Price setting, product development strategy and SP measures based on targeting are necessary.

Consumer and employee satisfaction survey

Customer satisfaction (CS) is a survey for objectively determining customer assessments and desires regarding products and services. In addition, employee satisfaction (ES) is closely linked to CS in order to improve business performance. ES is a survey of the degree of employee satisfaction with the company and is essential for improving performance.

New product development survey

A survey for determining consumer opinions regarding new products and services. This survey is use to determine product and service concepts, consumer needs, appropriate pricing for the marketplace, product package design, catch phrases and other aspects.

Website design / operation / update

Website design

Proposals can be provided for websites of various sizes, from small scale sites of just a few pages to large scale sites, the optimal volume is determined based on customer products and services and market targets. In addition, in order to ensure the best possible results, targeting is clarified for every aspect from site creation purposes to the fine details, and customers are provided with original websites with outstanding usability to give them the edge over and distinguish them from the competition.

Website renewal

We often hear "we created website, however we aren't satisfied with the quality". Websites are not completed when they are done being created, it is also important to determine consumer and user trends after creation, and to continue to improve the site according to those needs. By improving the structure to use easier to view color schemes and designs, easy to understand button configurations and layouts for the users accessing the site, we aim to create a website which users will enjoy accessing, which leads to increased access and contributes to increased customer attraction and sales through the Web.

Web promotion

We carry out analysis of your company's current website in order to determine what needs to be done to ensure activity from the site, such as requests for materials and inquiries, and propose promotion strategies which include linked implementation with SNS, ASP, email magazines, and blog marketing.

Website operation / update

As we continue to face with our website on monthly, we can support finely according to the customer's request from understanding of current states, exposing improvement points・modification points to adjustment the page aimed at the future business. We can offer solution that maximizes the cost effectiveness by requesting maintenance business of homepage to our company who can create it cheaper than your company and support you to reduce your cost directly.

Facebook page design

Facebook pages are perfect for the service industry with its close relationship to customers. In addition to serving as a means of attracting customers, increasing awareness of stores, and serving as ad pillars, they also allow for quick and easy detection of customer needs and we provide proposals for Facebook page creation which will serve as an effective tool for your company going forward.

Facebook page operation

Our SNS business can not only create a Facebook page for your company, we can also provide assistance operating your company or store's Facebook page. We will hold meetings with your company at the end of each month regarding the content to be posted to the page the next month, and contribute text and images to be posted in line with your concepts.

Printed / SP tool creation

We will design all the prints / SP tools you need, such as business cards, shop cards, leaflets, posters, brochures, catalogs, event boards, calendars

Web system development

Web system development in relation to cooperate site

Mainly as web system for stores/ corporate sites, expert of development member build effective web system suitable for each business with B to B, B to C. We propose an optimal development plan for the customers after the understanding of current states, exposing the improvement points , and hearing the customer's request at first.

Web system development in relation to sales site

Because of the spread of credit card and smart phone, People who enjoy online shopping in Thailand increase rapidly. We support total over a wide range such as order system, cart system, and connection with online payment system etc. which are used after creating sales site

Other Web system development

In addition to general information updating system and sales site loaded system which we introduced in other pages, we propose various system developments to improve efficient of business for each business. Please feel free to contact our Japanese staff. We will propose optimal plan after hearing your request.

Monoqlo Co., Ltd.

Monoqulo is a BOI corporation which established in Bangkok, bases in the center of ASEAN in November 2013.Recently we can receive the newest information by net search, However, local real voice is the best information if you would like to get real information truly.The corporation and stores which are under consideration of advancement or already advanced we offer high quality and useful information and act as philosophy to contribute business success.