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Multi-Settlement service

It is easy to settle by reading the QR code
Multi- Settlement service which is possible multiple settlements with one application.

Deal with various settlements of QR and Smart phone with one application.
All of Smart phone settlement can be used by one-stop with StarPay®.
The settlement service can be used by both Chinese and Japanese, also encouraged further visits.

Benefits to be introduced

If Multi-Settlement service is introduced, it will lead to business improvement and sale expansion such as simplification of store operation and reduce burden, also, serving customers regardless of both Japanese and Chinese, and so on.

  • Speed of settlement business up
  • Simplification of liquidation business
  • Secure space around checkout counter
  • Easy correspondence of adding to new settlement too
  • Chinese visitors are relieved to enter the store too
  • Feel free to enter the store because of easy settlement
  • Easy to introduce to Friends

Four QR settlement

Four QR settlements are possible to use for both Chinese people and Japanese people too.

Settlement for Chinese people mobile

WeChat Pay

WeChat Payment" is SNS application with smart phone which is the most famous in China. 13 billion people are using in China.
Monthly active users are more than 9.8 billion people.
Almost Visitors such as Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong people use "WeChat" on smart phone.


As of Jan, 2018, we have 5.2 billion authenticated active users and more than 450 financial partners all over the world.
In Japan, since 2015, it has been introduced to many stores as an inbound measure and the number reaches to 40 thousand stores now.

Settlement for Japanese people mobile


LINE is communication application with over 76 million people active user monthly in Japanese domestic.
From the balance charged with LINE application, It is possible to do such as shopping at EC site, remittance, and shopping in town, and so on, all can be completed within the LINE application.

d payment

「d payment」can make us shop with indicated bar code and QR code on smart phone application and you can pay the price all at once with smart phone fee monthly.
You don’t need the register of credit card, also, you can earn the d point depending on payment amount.

The flow of settlement

It is easy to make settlement processing by reading QR code which customers showed with dedicated application.

  1. Start application
    Main menu includes the inquiry to confirm settlement, refund, and history.
  2. Enter amount
    Enter the determined amount. Category selection is also possible.
  3. QR scan
    It can read QR code with automatic camera because customers indicate it on the smart phone.
  4. Payment complete
    Depending on the communication environment, it usually completes settlement in 1 to 2 seconds.
    ※Chinese guidance is indicated on both side.

Smart settlement service for Chinese people and Japanese people visitors.

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