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Smart phone payment service

Payment service for Chinese tourists. "WeChat Payment"
We increase Chinese tourists by the introduction of online payment with application

"WeChat Payment" is payment service that allows you to pay quickly, conveniently and securely with 'WeChat' which is famous application as Chinese Line.
It is possible to stimulate purchasing motivate by introduction payment method Chinese tourists usually use.

"WeChat Payment"

You finish the settlement just by holding the code over.
This application is most using settlement method in China

"WeChat Payment" is smart payment service using SNS application "WeChat" which is more than 600 million people are using in China.
User can easily use their bank account simple by registering it in "WeChat" and the store side can settlement by reading the QR code the users give it at the settlement

Application is not only settlement but also be able to send information and attract customers by using the official account.
It can advertise more closely with users because it completes various functions such as conversation with users and customer research.


  • Number of active users is more than
    700 million people.
  • Average
    usage time is 93.6 minutes per day
  • Average activation count is 10.8 counts
    per day

"WeChat" is SNS application with smart phone which is most famous in China.
In addition to function of the settlement, you can send information by creating official account of company and customers research for attracting customer.

How to use the application

The store side can settle easily by reading QR code
Also, security is safe because QR code switches every minute. Using the trust bank scheme, you can settle safely and reliably.

  1. Launch application
    You can move the amount entry page by starting application "WeChat Payment"
  2. Enter amount
    It can entry the amount you pay in JPY.
  3. QR scan
    It can read QR cod customers give
  4. Payment completion
    It will just complete to pay

The contract method

Please ask anything about application, request for information, consultation etc. to the staff. Specialist staff will explain

  • Application

  • Contract

  • Equipment installation

  • Getting Started

Provide various announcement tools for free

For target the Chinese visitors, you can appeal in setting posters and store front stickers

It will become chance to attract for Chinese visitors. Because you can appeal that it is a store where "WeChat Payment" can be used by setting posters and store front stickers etc. at stores.

Smart payment service for Chinese tourists.

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