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Purchase cost adjustment

Purchase cost adjustment
We do away with "unreasonableness," "waste" and "inconsistency" by purchasing activity and create new profit.

"KOUBAI 110 BAN" is service to support your company value up by purchasing cost adjustment.
We offer visualization of purchase records and the environment to make operational efficiency, not only for temporary cost reduction but also continuous cost reduction totally.

Cost adjustment service by "KOUBAI 110 BAN"

Purchase cost rationalization service realizes quality beyond the present condition or the present condition, and stable supply.
Besides, the system reviews purchasing cost and plans reduction. It is not only a thing intended to lower present cost.

We carry out "cost adequacy" not the purchasing cost cut that the approach is easy to make. The financial funds created from there make it possible to invest in necessary financial resources in promoting business.

Four features

Control of cash-out by incentive system

Incentive fee = 10% x number based on the size of the company x amount of cost reduction for one year.

The cost adequacy that maintains quality by the visualization of the purchase cost

Run the measures according to the cost structure by visualizing the cost structure, instead of a simple cost reduction.

Work load reduction of customers with work contract system

All work processes are carried out by our consultants. All you have to do is providing information and judgment.

standardize device and build a follow-up syste

We visualize and simplify the procedure and the business contents. We also maintain the documents such as estimate request books.

Service flow

We carry out analysis, plan drafting, system maintenance in all companies and perform an action by individual item.

  • Present conditions analysis

  • Execution planning

  • Cost adequacy

Present conditions analysis

We investigate necessary documents and data thoroughly and collect them, and organize specifications, quantity, rate, etc. of purchase items, and calculate the expected amount.

Execution planning

We make a practice plan to realize cost adequacy by setting cost cut target value and making estimate request book and list of candidates of the business partners.

Cost adequacy

To make quality, quantity, and price adequate, we use the technique of competitive bid or relative estimate, and determine the trading partner candidates.

Introduction example

Introduction of a part of service results.

Before purchase cost reduction After purchase cost reduction The amount of reduction (reduction rate) Type of industry Handling items
1,920million1,620million 300millions
food and beverage
(Sales of 15 billion yen)
  • Handbill
  • Toner
  • Cash register roll
  • Copy charges
  • Ingredients etc.
990millions850millions 140millions
Food supermarket
(Sales of 65 billion yen)
  • Handbill
  • Shopping bag
  • Label
  • Seal
  • Cash transportation
  • Tray etc.
310millions265millions 45millions
(Sales of 28 billion yen)
  • Handbill
  • Shopping bag
  • Toner
  • Ink
  • Cash transportation etc.
170millions132millions 38millions
(Sales of 8 billion yen)
  • Communication costs
  • Compound machine
  • Catalogue
  • Handbill
  • Water rate etc.

Every purchase cost is adjusted

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