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Cloud contract management

Cloud contract management "KEIYAKUKANRI110BAN®"
Profit improves by strategic contract management!

"KEIYAKUKANRI110BAN®" is cloud management service to record the details of a sentence at the time of the contract conclusion and the oral business history.
You can omit a wide variety of work and can manage it effectively by consolidating contract management.

for the storeCloud Management service of the contract

  • Inspection of negotiation history
  • Automation of the date management
  • Various search methods
  • Data entry service
    *optional services

Annoyed with contract?

  • Measures do not catch up with the compliance observance
  • Too many stores, and searching and management come to the limit by
    the contract of the paper
  • A contract exists every each base, and the regime breaks up, too
  • Because different documents for each item, check work takes time

Biz-cube consulting solves the subject about contract management taking advantage of experience which rationalized the rental rate of 114,000 stores until now.

Strength of "KEIYAKUKANRI110BAN®"

We selected demands such as the reduction of the internal management cost by our customers that we provide "YACHIN110BAN®" service, and we created the epoch-making service that cannot be achieved in the other companies such as the operating effectiveness and the quality factories that consolidated the know-how of the contract management.

System based on experience and data cultivated by work experience for 17 years

Rent adjustment service (results : more than 114,000 stores)

Decipherment and registration of a difficult contract are also supported!

The measure which only the specialist group of a rental contract can do

ISMS Certification and perfect information management system

The system of information management is made thorough, and the mechanism making is done by the entire group.

Service features

  Before introduction After introduction
Inspection of negotiation history The past circumstances will not be clear when a person in charge changes Taking over will be easier recording negotiation history with a lender in the system.
Automated date management To put down and to confirm the contract expiration day of each store by oneself Management is put into practice by the notice mail of the date, so you don't overlook the date.
Various search methods I have been looking for the information that I wanted by a contract We set up and make search system corresponding to a visitor's store management more efficient.
Data input services
*optional services
Because the format of the contract varies, decoding is difficult Full-time team substitutes for the confirmation and input of the contract

Service flow

  • Form

  • Form

  • Initial input
    vicarious execution

  • Introduction

  • Monthly amount
    use charge

  • Input vicarious execution
    Renewal contract

  • Input vicarious execution screen design

Introduction example

To administrative persons in charge

Although our company has an object of hundreds stores all over the country and a huge number of contracts were managed by Excel, there were many items to manage and it was even serious to have made a form. Besides, the update was not possible because the workers were limited. However, we were able to reduce introduction preparations when we used the input representation service of the "KEIYAKUKANRI110BAN®". After introduction, I utilized the user authority setting for readers and the editors, shared information with the accounting by only reading, asked store development for input to share work, and was able to build the system which maintained structure. "

To managers

Because we performed mergers and acquisitions, contracts were different, and there were a lot of complicated administrative tasks, but after having introduced the "KEIYAKUKANRI110BAN®", we could arrange contracts of each place and manage them collectively in the head office. When I think about a strategy of the appearance / withdrawal, I utilize the contract data which I output from a system. It leads to the cost reduction and the improvement of the working efficiency by understanding the article of which the contract expires within three months, and displaying rent fee in high order.

To store developer

I am in charge of store development and I regard as very kind that the contracts of a stores can be managed in a unified manner. Since the contract expiration date of each store is notified by e-mail in advance, I can prepare and negotiate without being panicked. Also I can confirm contracts anywhere anytime if I have internet environment even at the time of business trip, so now I bring less baggage on business trip. Because the negotiation history is recorded by a decided form, it comes to be able to share the negotiation details with the persons in charge in the back and forth and the relation is being improved with the lenders.

A contract Combined Management service

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