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Real estate agency / Sublease

Real estate agency / Sublease
We introduce the most suitable property in accord with needs

We can gather the store properties and office buildings all over Japan mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area and introduce the store properties you need from information before withdrawal to goods and furniture related information.

Real estate intermediation of Acari Place

Use of store property data base

We utilize the database of the customer store information which our group companies have, and propose support of intermediation and dealing for store which suited the visitor's needs.

Contribute to a cost cut at the time of opening / closing stores

We largely reduce the expense at withdrawal / opening by introducing company in search of a new opening a property to company which decided withdrawal.

To companies searching for property

We introduce various kinds of property

The property are developed in the central area of Tokyo, the main station in suburbs where a lot of opening a store hope exists, and roadside of major arterial roads.
In addition, we realize the property introduction that is a wide area by cooperating with local influential supplier.

To landlords looking for tenants

Vacancy measures, value up of assets, profit improvement, tax practice measures, etc.

We have the client of all types of industry, such as food & beverage, sales, and service, all over the country. We introduce attractive proper tenant company speedily based on the opening a store request which comes to hand every day.

Interior construction and supervision of works such as office and store also from store intermediation.

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Acari Place Co., Ltd.

Acari Place Co., Ltd expands to interior, design, communication style, infrastructure design, construction, and supervision around store, office, and commercial facilities.
Also, we focus on development and intermediation as support of opening and closing stores and we offer various services regarding properties through one-stop.